School Mission & Vision

Educational Mission:

  • “Education for Service”

School Mission:

  • Nurture students with the love of Christ, and practice the school motto “Education for Service."
  • Establish a caring and loving campus culture, provide various growth and learning opportunities for students with different needs, and cultivate correct moral concepts in students to prepare them for physical and mental growth.
  • Assist students in mastering basic knowledge and skills, and establish a solid foundation in language and mathematics. Cultivate their spirit of active learning, self-improvement, and continuous progress, so that they are willing to learn throughout their lives.
  • Cultivate students' willingness to participate in sports activities, help them develop good physical activity coordination, and enhance their awareness of health.
  • Enhance students' self-worth, respect for others, and establish a positive and proactive view of life. Love life and care about society. Provide better understanding in Hong Kong society and China, cultivate a sense of civic responsibility and national consciousness, be responsible to their families and serve society in their daily lives.
  • Help students develop aesthetic and creative abilities, guide them to appreciate the achievements of Hong Kong and other cultures.
  • Cultivate students' spirit of seeking truth, discerning right from wrong, independent thinking, problem-solving skills, reflection ability, making rational decisions, and solving problems independently or in cooperation with others. In addition, equip them to cope with stress and face changes.